About MODsense One

The next generation of temperature monitoring: Easy to handle and integrate with immediate access to trusted data.

A user-friendly solution designed with last-stage shipments in mind.

MODsense One enables trusted temperature monitoring in quality-sensitive supply chains, where shipments need to be reliably managed. It provides monitoring based on pre-defined quality requirements for each shipment with automated deviation driven performance and conformity evaluation.

MODsense One allows user-friendly deviation management in a role-based web application. It offers instant notifications of temperature excursions to all stakeholders when the data logger is read out wirelessly at delivery. The entire solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing workflows and enterprise management systems, such as SAP, and leverage a recorded trusted event for further business process automation. It also integrates well with track-and-trace systems across supply chains, allowing automatic and reliable notifications at the time of shipment hand-over. Learn more

Product Specifications

System Requirements